The farm

Mas d’Arbousse is an eco farm situated in the South of France, on the border between the departements Hérault and Aveyron. Apart from the farm, there is a small campsite in the valley, as well as two holiday cottages that are available to rent. If you’re looking for a rural holiday experience, Mas d’Arbousse is the place for you!

Since 2010 Arthur van Neck has been running the farm and the campsite. After keeping milking goats of the ‘Alpine’ breed for 10 years, he has now switched his herd to eco Angora goats for mohair wool production. At this moment he is building the shop where our mohair products will be sold. There are always chickens roaming the farm, who provide us with fresh eggs every day, and in the vegetable garden we mostly cultivate lettuce, carrots and potatoes.